Alice Illustrators

Although these illustrations are from editions of the books rather than the many games that have been produced based on Lewis Carroll’s work, I felt it was important to include them since they were part of my research and potentially of interest to other Alice researchers and scholars.


Artist   Year
Lewis Carroll 1864
Sir John Tenniel 1865
E. Gertrude Thomson 1890
Blanche McManus 1896
Peter Newell 1901 & 1902
Maria L. Kirk 1904
Bessie Pease Gutmann 1907,1908,1909,1937
Thomas Maybank 1907
Arthur Rackham 1907
Charles Robinson 1907
Millicent Sowerby 1907, 1913
W H Walker 1907
R. E. McEune 1907
Brinsley Le Fanu 1907
T H Robinson & Charles Pears 1908
Harry Rountree 1908
Walter Hawes 1908
Mable Lucie Attwell 1910
George Soper 1911
Frank Adams 1912
Alice B Woodward 1913
Stuart Hardy 1913
Gordon Robinson 1916
Margaret W Tarrant 1916
A E Jackson 1919
Charles Folkard 1921
Gwynedd M Hudson 1922
Dudley Jarrett & Hume Henderson 1924,1928
A L Bowley 1921
Jessie M King, Winifred M Ackroyd,Charles Pears 1928
Willy Pogany 1929
Alice Ross Undated
J R Sinclair Undated


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