What is my game worth?

How the Value is Determined

I provide this guide to assist collectors in determining the value of various card and board games based on the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. These values are based on several factors. Rarity and Age are primary factors in determining a base value. Condition is also a factor. A well used copy would be valued at the lower end of the value range, while a copy in pristine condition would fall at the higher end. These values are for complete games only.

Incomplete Games

Complete is defined as all cards, game pieces, dice, game board, rulebook and box are present (as applicable). If even one card is missing, in the case of card games, the value is reduced by 50%. If more than one card is missing, the value is further reduced. A simple formula to determine the value of a card game is: If one card is missing the value is immediately reduced by 50%. If additional cards are missing divide the base value of the complete game by the number of cards it should have. A $500 game with 50 cards would make each card worth $10 in regards to the value. With that example, a $500 card game that is missing 2 cards is first reduced by 50% or $250 and then the value of the second card reduces it by an additional $10 or a value of $240. A missing rulebook devalues the game by an additional 10% to 20%. A missing or damaged box 25% to 50%. Incomplete games are still sought after by collectors to assist them in completing an incomplete set.

 Value Guide

The Game of Alice in Wonderland $500-$1200 Selchow & Righter 1882
Wonderland $250-$1000 Parker Brothers 1895
Alice in Wonderland  $250-$400 McLoughlin Bros 1898
The New & Diverting Game of Alice in Wonderland 1st Edition  $250-$400       Later Editions  $125-$250 Thomas De La Rue & Co 1899
Game of Alice in Wonderland  $50-$100 Stoll & Edwards Company Inc. 1923
Carreras Cigarette Alice $50 to $150 Carreras Tobacco 1930
Adventures of Alice in Wonderland Game $50 to $100 Milton Bradley 1933
Alice in Wonderland  $50 to $100 Parker Brothers 1934
Alice in Wonderland Novelty Domino Game $50 to $100 Stoll & Einson 1934
Fascinating Game of Alice in Wonderland $50 to $100 Emdee 1935
Alice in Wonderland $50 to $100 Einson-Freeman Company Inc. 1935
Down the Rabbit’s Hole with Alice in Wonderland  $50 to $100 Einson-Freeman Company Inc. 1935
Alice in Wonderland $50 to $100 Ullman Mfg Company 1935
Alice in Wonderland  $25 to $50 Milton Bradley 1940
Alice $25 to $50 Pepys 1952
Alice in Wonderland $25 to $50 Spears Games 1973
Alice in Wonderland Card Game $10 to $25 Merrimack Publishing 1975
Alice in Wonderland Card Game $10 to $25 Gibson Games 1980
Alice in Wonderland $10 to $25 Cadaco 1984
Tweedledum $10 to $25 Gibson Games 1988
Alice in Wonderland House of Cards $10 to $25 U.S. Games Systems Inc 1995


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